Dumfries & Galloway

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Galloway Forest Park

Yes, I know. You all want to see the Highlands and you really should. But please.....don't forget Scotland's south. Dumfries & Galloway, a largely rural area is so incredibly rich in it's bounty.

It is bursting with great scenery and is home to  three national scenic areas, designated as areas of scenic beauty.

The Southern Upland Way, a 338 km long coast-to-coast walking trail along southern Scotland takes off from Portpatrick. Castles, beaches, digs etc.

Don't stay on the motorway. Turn inland. This is a rich region where the past is still very much alive.

Site rating:

Although the featured attractions, sites and landmarks are always chosen by me, I have made a serious effort to differentiate 4 levels:


  • (***) This is, for whatever reason, a very personal favourite! Will definitely be on my itinerary! Could possibly be disappointing for someone else though.
  • (**)   A major must-see tourist attraction that you can find in many a brochure.
  • (*)     Worth seeing and possibly interesting if you happen to be in the vicinity.
  • (-)     A hefty dollop of imagination is a must, but it might be interesting if you know the background.

My very personal selection:

Location: Shearington Plus code: XFFG+X9X Dumfries

Location: Garlieston Plus code: QJ5V+389 Newton Stewart

Location: Newton Stewart Plus code: 4GRP+P3X Newton Stewart

Location: Canonbie Plus code: 32WH+XMX Canonbie

Location: Lochmaben Plus code: 4H89+GJG Lockerbie

Location: Carronbridge Plus code: 77F2+PXP Thornhill

Location: Damnaglour Plus code: J4PR+46W Stranraer

Location: New Abbey Plus code: X9JJ+25H Dumfries

Location: Castle Douglas Plus code: W2QJ+M7Q Castle Douglas

Location: Moniaive Plus code: 7WG4+H7J Castle Douglas

And than there are.....

Location: Moniaive / Plus code: 7WMX+RP6 Thornhill

Location: Middlebie / Plus code: 3PWF+C6C Lockerbie

Location: Barholm / Plus code: VM5Q+4PJ Newton Stewart

Location: Gatehouse of Fleet / Plus code: WPWR+R96 Castle Douglas

Location: Moffat / Plus code: CG29+3G9 Moffat

Location: Dundrennan / Plus code: R342+RJ9 Kirkcudbright

Location: Glentrool / Plus code: 3GPG+RP9 Newton Stewart

Location: New Luce / Plus code: 2659+2HP Newton Stewart

Location: Wigtown / Plus code: VHC7+FC2 Newton Stewart

Location: Sanquhar / Plus code: 936J+QPF Sanquhar

Location: Whithorn / Plus code: MHV2+RFQ Newton Stewart

Location: Whithorn / Plus code: MJXQ+6MC Newton Stewart

Location: Whithorn / Plus code: PHMJ+6CH Newton Stewart

Location: Middlebie / Plus code: 3Q7G+X68 Lockerbie

Location: Shearington / Plus code: XFF8+372 Dumfries

Location: Gatehouse of Fleet / Plus code: VRF2+8V8 Castle Douglas

Location: Carsluith / Plus code: VM53+Q9G Newton Stewart

Location: Lockerbie / Plus code: 4JQC+Q44 Lockerbie

Location: Portpatrick / Plus code: RVPR+52G Stranraer

Location: Gretna / Plus code: XWMF+F92 Gretna

Location: Gretna / Plus code: XWPG+7PV Gretna

Location: Torthorwald / Plus code: 3FQM+J5C Dumfries

Location: Tynron / Plus code: 64GV+62R Thornhill

Location: New Galloway / Plus code: 3P7M+X2Q Castle Douglas