Scotland's Finest

Lochcarron 2018

A site dedicated to fascinating Scotland in all its rugged splendour.


This 'work in progress' is, above all else, a love child. Please stay tuned! Keep an eye on NEW!!   (Latest update: 14 October 2020)

Scotland's Finest aka "My Personal Scotland" is, I think, a site with a difference. It provides basic information on intruiging places to visit, scenic routes and walking trails that have captured my imagination.

As a true scottophile and a fervent walker, I like to share this ongoing addiction with others. Comments are 'relatively always' (= usually) appreciated, be they positive or (heaven forbid) negative.

Before you take the plunge however, take a look at "ABOUT THIS SITE" and "WHY THIS SITE" first. These pages might provide you with some insights regarding this, predominantly personal, selection.

To get in the right mood: this great video from John Duncan is easily the best I've seen. It's a very moving and breathtaking journey. Enter full screen, turn up the volume and enjoy!

Dirk Jelier / Frederiksoord / The Netherlands