Fascinating Scotland in all its rugged splendour

Dirk Jelier

Latest updates:

As of today January 11 2024 There is a page dedicated to Scotland's Finest Beaches! Maybe you never thought about beaches in combination with Scotland...........they are pure magic!


I am very, very interested in what you're interested in. Why this particular walk? Why this part of Scotland? How do you experience this site? Enquiries? Yes, please. Use the contact page! Maybe I can help you find answers.

In short...talk to me! Help me create a 'better' or 'more rounded' and fulfilling Scotland's Finest.

Scotland's Finest (aka "My Personal Scotland") is, I think, a site with a difference. Having said that, I do realize that many a webmaster tends to think their approach is absolutely singular and unique (I do too!). Scotland's Finest provides basic information on intriguing places to visit, scenic routes and walking trails that have, one way or another, captured my imagination.

As a true scotophile and a fervent walker to boot, I'd like to share this harmless addiction (it really is a full blown addiction) with you. Comments are 'relatively always' (= usually) appreciated, be they positive or (heaven forbid!) negative.

Scotland's Finest has only appeared on the www in the autumn of 2019 and still has a long way to go, but I'm tickled with the steady rise in visitors numbers from around the globeInterested in some background information? The "ME & WHY" will provide you with insights regarding this, predominantly personal, selection.

As Dutch is my mother (father) tongue, I do apologise for any mistakes in spelling and grammar. Serious mistakes? Please, let me know!

Dirk Jelier / Frederiksoord / The Netherlands