Scotland's Finest

Scotland's Finest is still far from completed. Additions almost every day! Keep an eye on NEW!!   Latest update: 2 August 2020

As I said: 'Tha ceud mìle fàilte gu Alba' (a hundred thousand welcomes to Scotland). This is a site dedicated to fascinating Scotland in all its rugged splendour.

Scotland's Finest (I probably should have called it "My very Personal Scotland") provides basic information on places to visit, beautiful scenic routes and a plethora of nearly endless walking trails. As a Scotland lover and a keen walker, I like to share my ongoing addiction with all of you. Comments are 'relatively always' (= usually) appreciated, be they positive or (heaven forbid) negative.

Before you take the plunge, you might want to visit "ABOUT THIS SITE" and "WHY THIS SITE" first, as these sections might provide you with some insights regarding this predominantly personal selection.

Underneath you'll find an incredible video from John Duncan. It is easily the best I've seen in a long time and, I admit, I experienced a funny sort of homesickness. It's a very moving and breathtaking journey. Enjoy!