Scotland's Finest aka "My Personal Scotland"

Fascinating Scotland in all its rugged splendour

Dirk Jelier


This 'work in progress' is, above all else, a love child. Please stay tuned and keep an eye on NEW!!

Latest change: 23 January 2021

Scotland's most pleasant, interesting or picturesque villages/small towns are now live! Not quite done yet though!

Scotland's Finest aka "My Personal Scotland" is, I think, a site with a difference, although I do realize that all of us 'scottonutties' tend to think our approach is absolutely singular and unique. This particular site provides basic information on intriguing places to visit, scenic routes and walking trails that have captured my imagination.

Being a true scottophile and a fervent walker to boot, I like to share this harmless addiction with you. Comments are 'relatively always' (= usually) appreciated, be they positive or (heaven forbid) negative.

Scotland's Finest has only appeared on the www in the autumn of 2019 and still has a way to go (a sheer challenge!!!!!) but I'm really tickled that there is a steady rise in the number of visitors from around the globe. Idea's or suggestions? Do let me know!

Interested in background information? The page "ME & WHY" will provide you with some insights regarding this, predominantly personal, selection.

Once again: NEW is updated many, many times a month. Here you'll find the latest changes and additions.


To get you in the right mood: the underneath video from John Duncan is easily the best I've seen. It's a rather short, yet moving and breathtaking journey.

Enter full screen, turn up the volume and enjoy!


Dirk Jelier / Frederiksoord / The Netherlands

Video by John Duncan, freelance filmmaker