Caithness, Sutherland & Ross

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This is the northernmost region of mainland Scotland where the mountains look weary and seem to fold in on themselves. The land is barren, the horizon stretches into a hazy distance and only a mournful wind might be heard. Hm, maybe I should have been a poet!

In spite of all that stark and rugged beauty the region abounds with reminders of a hard and often vicious past: Ruins of castles and simple dwellings (Clearances!), wonderful small museums and fields of almost forgotten battles where the Scots and Viking raiders once clashed.

Please, do not always follow the main route along the top of the region (NC500). Try the smaller roads that lead you inland. You will certainly not regret it!

Site rating:

Although the featured attractions, sites and landmarks are always chosen by me, I have made a serious effort to differentiate 4 levels:


  • (***) This is, for whatever reason, a very personal favourite! Will definitely be on my itinerary! Could possibly be disappointing for someone else though.


  • (**)   A major must-see tourist attraction that you can find in many a brochure.


  • (*)     Worth seeing and possibly interesting if you happen to be in the vicinity.


  • (-)     A hefty dollop of imagination is a must, but it might be interesting if you know the background.

My very personal selection:

Location: Achentoul / Plus code: 8X8W+F38 Kinbrace

Location: Berriedale / Plus code: 5C5X+F26 Berriedale

Location: Nybster / Plus code: HWGP+C82 Wick

Location: Durness / Plus code: J2G2+782 Kearvaig, Lairg

Location: Wick / Plus code: FWHJ+2QR Wick

Location: John o'Groats / Plus code: JXM7+HJJ Wick

Location: Kylesku / Plus code: 633C+W5P Newton, Lairg

Location: Forsinard / Plus code: 933V+CW Forsinard (See also: Scenic Routes: "A Roaring Silence"

Location: Kinlochbervie / Plus code: GWQQ+5R6 Shegra, Lairg

Location: Durness / Plus code: H77J+623 Leirinmore, Lairg

Location: Unapool / Plus code: 6294+2PJ Newton, Lairg

And than there are.......

Location: Harpsdale / Plus code: FFMH+RR9 Halkirk

Location: Wick / Plus code: FVFQ+P7R Wick

Location: Knockarthur / Plus code: 2VMJ+XVH Rogart

Location: Sibster / Plus code: FV43+3QH Wick

Location: Inchnadamph / Plus code: 5284+H6R Inchnadamph, Lairg

Location: Tongue / Plus code: FHG7+8MF Tongue, Lairg

Location: Culrain / Plus code: WH8M+X2R Ardgay

Location: Golspie / Plus code: X3PQ+Q6V Brora

Location: Mey / Plus code: JQWG+R3 Mey, Thurso

Location: Wick / Plus code: CWF9+77 Wick

Location: Golspie / Plus code: X3J3+PW8 Golspie

Location: Dornoch / Plus code: VXH9+MX Dornoch

Location: Lybster / Plus code: 9PHP+J8 Lybster

Location: Keiss / Plus code: GVPR+WV Wick

Location: Skelbo / Plus code: WXH5+WG Dornoch

Location: Helmsdale / Plus code: 488W+J8 Helmsdale