Yesteryear's paths in Scotland

Heritage Paths

Before the knowledge of the old paths in Scotland has gone forever, Scotways has started the project "Heritage Paths"  to promote the existence and the heritage of these paths. It will give an added dimension to your walks when you discover these almost lost pathways for yourself.

More and more old paths are being re-discovered. Paths, the Roman legions, monks, drovers or traders once used. Infinitely interesting and for walkers especially a great addition to the established trails.

If you can share your knowledge with "Heritage Paths", you'll be contributing towards future generations’ enjoyment of this vast and still growing number of old paths.

The map shows many of the longer historic routes which "Heritage Paths" is researching. Scotland's Finest does not intend to describe the different paths in depth.

Scotland's Finest only provides basic information, including the GPX files, on a small number of Heritage Paths that directly (or almost directly) intersect with the existing Long Distance Walking Trails. The relevant Heritage Paths create the added possibility to jump between these Trails. They are first of all of great historical value in themselves and at the same time offer walkers many more options to enjoy the even more remote parts of Scotland.

Connections between Long Distance Walking Trails by way of Heritage Paths:

More information, and the GPX files, on the individual pages.

Ready for something special?

Underneath an overview of paths described as "Military Roads'.

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