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Aberdeen(shire) & Moray

This magnificent region between the mighty Cairngorms, the Moray Firth and the North Sea is a treasure house for castle baggers, walkers and nature lovers. Here the Picts held sway, here Robert The Bruce harried his enemies the Comyns and it was in this region that James Graham, 1st Marquess of Montrose clashed with the fanatical Covenanters.

Aberdeen(shire) & Moray consists of gently undulating farmland, deep gloomy forests and grey blue mountains on the far horizon.

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My very personal selection:

Location: Laggan

GPS/Map: 57.422730,-3.084775

Location: Portsoy

GPS/Map: 57.679064,-2.653006

Locations: Many different locations

GPS/Map: 57.006289,-3.398026 (Braemar)

Location: Chapeltown

GPS/Map: 57.258903,-3.250705

Location: Duffus

GPS/Map: 57.687886,-3.361547

Location: Stonehaven

GPS/Map: 56.945948,-2.196669

Location: Balhalgardy

GPS/Map: 57.306356,-2.412436

Location: Milltown of Kildrummy

GPS/Map: 57.235512,-2.903662

Location: Sandend

GPS/Map: 57.693230,-2.769560

Location: Methlick

GPS/Map: 57.443234,-2.290695

Location: Huntly

GPS/Map: 57.454663,-2.781888

Location: Redcastle

GPS/Map: 56.650917,-2.510702

And than there are.......

Location: Old Deer

GPS/Map: 57.513910,-2.070541

Location: Crathie

GPS/Map: 57.040350,-3.230001

Location: Oldmeldrum

GPS/Map: 57.328132,-2.339607

Location: Aberdeen

GPS/Map: 57.098629,-2.195035

Location: Braemar

GPS/Map: 57.014715,-3.391705

Location: Craigearn

GPS/Map: 57.203100,-2.460541

Location: Cock Bridge

GPS/Map: 57.162760,-3.234212

Location: Coull

GPS/Map: 57.108610,-2.806464

Location: Kintocher

GPS/Map: 57.174133,-2.718101

Location: Crathes

GPS/Map: 57.061180,-2.439143

Location: Drumoak

GPS/Map: 57.095118,-2.337967

Location: Dunnydeer

GPS/Map: 57.342206,-2.645435

Location: Dunphail

GPS/Map: 57.512616,-3.658349

Location: Elgin

GPS/Map: 57.650607,-3.306044

Location: Esslemont

GPS/Map: 57.358056,-2.114968

Location: Kirktown of Slains

GPS/Map: 57.350632,-1.945229

Location: Fyvie

GPS/Map: 57.443237,-2.394984

Location: Glenkindie

GPS/Map: 57.220400,-3.000996

Location: Braemar

GPS/Map: 57.003659,-3.400183

Location: Leslie

GPS/Map: 57.312452,-2.666495

Location: Lumphanan

GPS/Map: 57.137109,-2.698036

Location: Lumphanan

GPS/Map: 57.122719,-2.701068

Location: Rosehearty

GPS/Map: 57.693057,-2.104992

Location: Aberdeen

GPS/Map: 57.147585,-2.095886

Location: Pitmedden

GPS/Map: 57.348424,-2.213076