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Andy Stephenson / Laggangairn Standing Stones / CC BY-SA 2.0


There are two standing stones of prehistoric date in a conifer plantation. It comprises a pair of upright slabs, measuring 1.88m and 1.58m in height respectively, and standing about 1m apart. Both slabs bear on the W face an incised Latin cross and, within the angles of the cross, four small crosses formed of intersecting lines. Local tradition states that there were once as many as fourteen standing stones in the group. Two of the stones are said to have been taken away for use on the farm of Pultadie; two more for a similar use at Kilgallioch; and three taken away to Laggangarn for use as door lintels. A small squarish pillar 14m to the east is said to mark the grave of a farmer who removed some of the stones. The carving of the larger crosses probably dates to the 7th-9th century AD, but the stones into which the crosses are carved are probably part of a prehistoric stone setting dating to the Neolithic or Bronze Age.

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