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The Battle of Sark, alternatively called the Battle of Lochmaben Stone, was fought between England and Scotland in October 1448. Henry Percy, 2nd Earl of Northumberland invaded Scotland with a force reported to be around 6,000 men.

He made camp in the area adjacent to modern Gretna in Dumfries and Galloway and dispatched scouting and raiding parties to the surrounding area.

Northumberland’s army was met by a Scottish force of 4,000 men led by Hugh Douglas, Earl of Ormonde and Sir John Wallace, of Craigie Castle.

The English set up their battle lines and began to cut down the Scots with their longbows, only for Sir John to lead his men forward in a desperate charge.

The attack collapsed the right flank of the English army and the rest of Northumberland’s forces routed, only to be cornered by three nearby watercourses – the Esk, the Sark, and the Kirtle Water.

Hemmed in on three sides, the English soldiers were unable to easily retreat and many were reported to have drowned in the Esk as they fled.

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