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This castle was built in the 1370's by Archibald Douglas the Grim with a high degree of security in mind. Threave became Archibald's stronghold in his new position as Third Earl of Douglas, Lord of Galloway and Warden of the West March (ie; West Border).

King James however resented the power of the Douglases and started a systematic campaign against them.

The Douglases were defeated at Arkinholm near Langholm and the 9th Earl was exiled. James began the systematic destruction all the Douglas strongholds, culminating in a two month siege of Threave Castle in the summer of 1455.

James attended the siege in person. Although his main residence was at nearby Tongland Abbey, he had a field-tent erected at Threave. But in spite of heavy bombardment, including shots from a great "Bombard", a massive siege gun, the castle held out and only surrendered after the garrison commanders had been promised various payments and promises of safe conduct.

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