Hadrian's Wall Path + GPX

Distance: 135 km Grade: 2 (Slightly harder)

Hadrian's Wall Path at Sycamore Gap
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Hadrians Wall Path NEW
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This Long Distance Walk is the odd one out. It is not in Scotland at all. Hadrian's Wall however played such an important part in the history of both England and Scotland, that this world-famous Wall Walk just has to be included.

Hadrian's Wall Path, generally a 6-stage walk with an overall difficulty grading of 2 (slightly harder) is a clearly marked walk from coast to coast, from the river Tyne to the Solway estuary, although you might consider starting out from the Solway because of the prevailing winds from the west. The wall itself was built around AD 125 and the many forts and milecastles were in constant occupation until the legions left Britain. Although throughout the ages people have used whole chunks of it to construct everything from local dwellings to churches and monasteries, there are still ten miles of the ancient wall left Both routes to Stronachlachar are stunning and either choice will provide you with scenic landscapes to enjoy. Once you have arrived at Stronachlachar it is only a short distance to the old garrison of Inversnaid on the eastern shore of Loch Lomond. 

This walk should not really be a problem for most walkers. There are several towns and villages along the route and there is easy road access. The hills are generally nothing more than small humps and although there are some paved surfaces most of the time you'll walk on grass and dirt.

Just a piece of advice: For accommodation you better book before you start out!

Stages (on the map):

  1. Wallsend - Heddon-on-the Wall 29 km (Easy)
  2. Heddon-on-the-Wall - Chollerford 23 km (Easy)
  3. Chollerford - Once Brewed 20 km (Slightly harder)
  4. Once Brewed - Walton 29 km (Slightly harder)
  5. Walton - Carlisle 20 km (Easy)
  6. Carlisle - Bowness-on-Solway 24 km (Easy)