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The north of England and the Scottish Borders have been a battleground for a very long time. The Roman Empire battled the northern savages, the Scots from Dál Riata clashed with the Picts, who in turn fought off the Saxons. Later the English tried, with very limited succes, to convince the Scots of their rightful overlordship, a claim that culminated in the Wars of Independence. Although the Debateable Land was originally a small border area north of Gretna, the term could easily have applied for all the lands south and north of Tweed. That is precisely the reason why I also included Northumberland and Cumbria. Underneath you'll find a small number of places of historical interest immediately along The Wall. Ever thought about walking Hadrian's Wall Path?

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My very personal selection:

Location: Thorngrafton / GPS/Map: 55.013392,-2.330937

Location: Branxton / GPS/Map: 55.627793,-2.178636

Location: Gilsland / GPS/Map: 54.990244,-2.602449

Location: Chollerford / GPS/Map: 55.026702,-2.139971

Location: Corbridge / GPS/Map: 54.979153,-2.027312

Location: Greenhead / GPS/Map: 54.985221,-2.522678

Location: Thorngrafton / GPS/Map: 54.991203,-2.360214

And than there are.......

Location: Greenhead / GPS/Map: 54.989351,-2.533953