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Published on 30 June 2020 at 09:20

ScotWays, operating out of Edinburgh, is an independent charity which upholds and promotes public access rights in Scotland and provides information and training.

The organisation also maintains a vast database about routes in Scotland and is most probably the oldest organisation (they started out in 1845!) in the world dedicated to improving countryside access.

The distinctive green and white signs can be found on many a route across Scotland.

The organisation is also home to the Heritage Paths Project a unique archive of Scotland’s old paths and roads.

The purpose of the project is to collect as much knowledge of yesteryear’s old paths in Scotland as possible before the knowledge of these paths in Scotland has gone forever (I would have loved that job!)

The project also aims to promote the existence and the heritage of these paths and hopes that by providing this information it will give an added dimension to your walks.

More and more old paths are being re-discovered all the time.

Paths, the Roman legions, monks, drovers or traders once used. Infinitely interesting and for walkers especially a great addition to the already established trails. I was absolutely thrilled when I found out about this fantastic project and

most determined to incorporate some of the Project’s information into a specific section of the Scotland’s Finest website.

Scotland's Finest will provide basic information on only a number of Heritage Paths that directly (or almost directly) connect/intersect with the Long Distance Walking Trails.

The Heritage Paths mentioned create the great option to ‘jump’ (=cross over) between these Trails! They are first of all of great historical value in themselves. At the same time they offer walkers many more options to enjoy the wilds of Scotland.

So, if you love great walks, stunning landscapes and love history, you better check out the section on the Heritage Paths. More details on these connecting trails can be found on the separate Trail pages and...if you want even more..check here!



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