A real quandary

Published on 26 September 2020 at 09:30

Ever found yourself in a quandary?

I do now!

I initially started this site because I’m a Scotland nut, because of the challenge of combining all the different elements into a comprehensive well thought out presentation and because website design is a field that appeals to me.

In my professional career as a data base editor and business process analyst it was always more the creative design of the process presentation than the actual analyses itself (which was what my employer paid me for!) that interested me.

Oh yes, I did the analyses all right, but also spent an inordinate amount of time on the ‘look and feel’ of the flowcharts, playing with the colour, shape and placement of the different process elements. My manager at the time was not very happy with that I recall! And now it happens again with Scotland’s Finest! The interaction design sometimes supersedes the actual content. I really do need a kick in the butt!

But what about that quandary I mentioned? Ah, well, that has to do with the principal aim of this site versus my ‘need’ to keep Scotland all to myself.

Huh? Yes, setting up a well designed site and ‘telling the world’ all about the many wonders of Scotland (meaning: sharing my personal nuttiness) could be considered as one side of the coin. The flip side being a rise of visitor numbers with the potential of spoiling Scotland’s natural beauty and tranquillity.

When I’m on the trail in the high- or lowlands it is always interesting to meet people. Whether it is simply to exchange pleasantries (the weather comes to mind) or to have a real meeting of minds with someone who is in the same (or different) groove as the undersigned.

Basically though, I want to have it all to myself without any interference. To feel and hear the rhythm of my footsteps. To take short coffee brakes on the side of the road and experience that wonderful rush of fulfilment that comes with doing the thing you love.

This quandary is however a theoretical one, as I certainly will not give up on the further development of this website and I also will do my utter utmost to see Scotland’s least visited nooks and crannies.

Maybe I will keep a nook or a cranny to myself! Let me just think about it.



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