Plus Code: P737+H4R Pitlochry

On or near Long Distance Walking Trail: Rob Roy Way , Scottish National Trail

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Pitlochry, along a major route between the Lowlands and the dramatic vistas of Highlands, is one of Scotland's top tourist towns and, because of its central location, it is a great base to see the Highlands. You can't go wrong in Pitlochry!

Coming in from the 'wilds' Pitlochry feels like homecoming and it must be very, very difficult not to like it at first sight. The main street of the town with it's many shops and lively atmosphere is perfect to 'shop around'. The buildings with the often crow-stepped gabels add that special Victorian 'something' that defines the heart of Pitlochry.

Because of it's popularity with visitors from all over the world the town is certainly not lacking in accommodation. Hotels, b&b's, hostels are everywhere. Enjoy!

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