Beinn Eighe and Loch Maree Islands National Nature Reserve ***

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Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve was Britain's first National Nature Reserve. Set up in 1951, it is now merged with the Loch Maree Islands NNR. This is without a doubt a stunningly beautiful area to visit. From a distance, the pale scree slopes on the mountain-side look like barren fields of snow, but get up close and you'll be amazed by the diversity of wildlife that thrives on this reserve. At the heart of the reserve is the Beinn Eighe ridge, a huge cluster of rugged peaks, ridges and scree-covered slopes between Loch Maree and Glen Torridon. For the more experienced, and prepared hiker, this area offers plenty of opportunities for a challenging and strenuous day out.

Nature is all around you here, so take some time to enjoy this magical place.