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Caithness, Sutherland & Ross

The north


This is the northernmost region of mainland Scotland where the mountains look tired and seem to fold in on themselves. The land is barren, the horizon stretches further and further and only a mournful wind might be heard. Too poetic, I'm sure.

In spite of all that stark beauty the region abounds with treasure. There are the reminders of an often hard and ruthless past: Ruins of castles and simple dwellings (Clearances!), small museums and the fields of battle where the Scots and Viking raiders clashed.

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My very personal selection:

Location: Berriedale

GPS/Map: 58.158669,-3.552481

Location: Nybster

GPS/Map: 58.575994,-3.064245

Location: Durness

GPS/Map: 58.625624,-4.999247

Location: John o'Groats

GPS/Map: 58.633968,-3.035970

Location: Forsinard

GPS/Map: 58.356365,-3.894646

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Location: Kinlochbervie

GPS/Map: 58.537906,-5.060492

Location: Durness

GPS/Map: 58.566690,-4.719134

Location: Unapool

GPS/Map: 58.217587,-4.993221

Location: Kylesku

GPS/Map: 58.204820,-4.929547

And than there are.......

Location: Wick

GPS/Map: 58.474357,-3.111854

Location: Inchnadamph

GPS/Map: 58.166511,-4.994487

Location: Tongue

GPS/Map: 58.475808,-4.435820

Location: Golspie

GPS/Map: 57.986992,-3.911955

Location: Mey

GPS/Map: 58.647006,-3.226274

Location: Wick

GPS/Map: 58.423716,-3.080466

Location: Golspie

GPS/Map: 57.981789,-3.945165

Location: Dornoch

GPS/Map: 57.879130,-4.031026

Location: Lybster

GPS/Map: 58.379375,-3.266356

Location: Keiss

GPS/Map: 58.538178,-3.105973

Location: Skelbo

GPS/Map: 57.930069,-4.041841

Location: Helmsdale

GPS/Map: 58.116600,-3.653980