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Ballinbreich Castle is a substantial 15th century courtyard castle that backs on to the River Tay.

The name Ballinbreich is a corruption of "Balan-breac", meaning "town of trouts" - most appropriate with the castle overlooking the river Tay with its reputation for fishing. In 1160, the site was owned by the Abernethy family

(they took the name about 1200). When Andrew Abernethy died in 1312, the lands were divided between his two daughters. Mary married into the Leslie family, who adopted their arms from Abernethy. According to the Clan history pages, the coat of arms of the Abernethy family is still incorporated into the Leslie coat of arms, and the battle cry of the clan is "Ballinbreich!'.

The land here originally belonged to the Leslie family. It was acquired in 1312 and they erected a castle on the site soon after. Much of the original work was rebuilt in the 16th century by Alexander.

The family became the Earls of Ross in 1457, and many of the early Earls were killed off in rather spectacular fashion (including poisoning in France). Mary, Queen of Scots visited the castle in 1555.