My Heart Is My Own (Part 1)

Published on 24 June 2024 at 17:03

This is the first installment of Marta Pereira's blog on her walk along the Mary, Queen of Scots Way in May 2024. More to follow!

This blog follows up on her previous blog Where my Soul Finds a Home.

Marta is a sculptor of words, a true wordsmith, creating images that are not only very poetic and romantic, but also emotionally charged.

Inversnaid Falls

This journey began months before it actually took place. The people who accompanied me were perfectly aligned with the same purpose, vibrating on the same energetic frequency. We are five women of varying ages, yet sharing determination, strength, and courage.

We had a predetermined path with booked accommodations and some places we wanted to visit. However, we all agreed to remain open to spontaneity and follow the daily signs guiding us. We often felt guided and protected by invisible hands.

Starting in Arrochar and ending at Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh, our journey combined walking, boats, taxis, and buses. Each place we visited was connected to significant moments in the life of Mary, Queen of Scots.

This transformative experience will be detailed further soon, but for now, I’ll leave it at this.

With love, Marta


Dirk: A good read: "My Heart is My Own" by John Guy!

Near Aberfoyle

Lochleven Castle

Edinburgh University

Rosslyn Chapel

A special treat: A virtual tour of Rosslyn Chapel

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