Where my Soul Finds a Home

Published on 20 November 2023 at 12:46

Another contribution by Marta Pereira. Her words always fill me with wonder and a sense of amazement.


Clashnessy Falls, Courtesy Andrew Foster


Life gifts us hidden treasures, moments that lead us back to ourselves. I was born in Portugal and lived there for most of my life, but it's Scotland where I feel at home, despite not living in this country. Walking these lands is diving into an encounter with the soul.

Stepping on Scottish soil for the first time, I rediscovered forgotten parts of myself. It's almost as if Scotland whispered, "Welcome, this is your home."

 As I write about this connection, it's impossible not to mention the spiritual energy surrounding each place. I'm an intuitive and empathetic soul, capable of feeling the world deeply. In many ways, I resonate with Diana Gabaldon, author of "Outlander," who vividly expresses this perception of the world. It feels like a synchronicity of spirits.

Scotland epitomizes the ideal model for the world—a place where nature is sacred. We walk for hours, lose ourselves in the vastness of nature, yet still find untouched places, unaffected by time and the hand of man. There's magic in the silence, a unique harmony where only the wind in the leaves, the song of birds, and the murmuring of waters can be heard. It's a reminder of the purity of this planet, free from the human interference that often disrupts the natural balance.

"Spiritual", all the way (Marta Pereira)

Scotland is more than a setting for a romantic movie; it's a place to find great love and live it in a cottage, far from the turmoil of the world. Mary Stuart, the Scottish Queen, is a reference for me. Her life echoes events, passages, and legacies that resonate in the lives of many women even today. My journey continues. Plans to explore yet-to-be-visited locations echo within me.

 In May, I will walk the Mary Queen of Scot’s Pilgrim Way with kindred spirits, to embrace this place with love and devotion. It's a return to the spiritual home, an immersion into the pure essence of these sacred lands. Each step in these lands is an invitation to reconnect with the deepest essence of existence, a journey of self-discovery and love for nature.


With love, Marta Pereira

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