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Rosslyn Chapel is a 15th-century church in the village of Roslin and is famous both for its decorative art and its mysterious associations with the Knights Templar, the Holy Grail, and the Freemasons. It is a spectacular building and a must to visit! See also: BLOGS

The chapel was founded by Sir William Sinclair of the St. Clair family, a Scottish noble family from Orkney descended from Norman knights and, according to legend, linked to the Knights Templar. The foundation stone of Rosslyn Chapel was laid in 1446. The building took 4 years.

After Sir William died in 1484, the larger building he had planned was never completed.

Inside the chapel one can see the stunning carvings of master masons of the day. One of these is the famous Apprentice Pillar, a decorated pillar that gets its name from a legend involving the mason in charge of the stonework in the chapel and his young apprentice.

According to legend (and Dan Brown!) the Holy Grail is burried in a secret vault beneath the floor.

Research is being carried out with the help of modern technology in order to determine the truth of that.

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