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A thoroughly interesting city to visit


In Edinburgh (Dùn Èideann in Scottish Gaelic) you'll find history in almost every nook and cranny. The Old Town is preserved in the medieval street plan. The “Royal Mile” has something to offer to every possible taste and there is large number of small alleyways that lead off it to the north and south. Some of these lead to open courtyards and are therefore called “courts”. Others are open thoroughfares (“wynds”).

The capital city of Scotland boasts impressive museums, buildings that go back hundreds of years and numerous other intruiging places to visit. Edinburgh has it all....and more! You will love it.

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My very personal selection:

Location: Edinburgh / GPS/Map: 55.944110,-3.161555

Location: Edinburgh / GPS/Map: 55.925759,-3.140617

Location: Edinburgh / GPS/Map: 55.948573,-3.201178

Location: South Queensferry / GPS/Map: 56.000616,-3.388544

Location: Edinburgh / GPS/Map: 55.952688,-3.171309

Location: Edinburgh / GPS/Map: 55.948586,-3.201626

Location: Edinburgh / GPS/Map: 55.952688,-3.171309

Location: Roslin / GPS/Map: 55.855163,-3.160497

Location: Edinburgh / GPS/Map: 55.950912,-3.196286

Location: Edinburgh / GPS/Map: 55.949190,-3.190307

Location: Edinburgh / GPS/Map: 55.949763,-3.191510

And than there are.......

Location: Edinburgh / GPS/Map: 55.954937,-3.182300

Location: Edinburgh / GPS/Map: 55.946716, -3.192112

Location: Edinburgh / GPS/Map: 55.950676,-3.185308

Location: Edinburgh / GPS/Map: 55.951473,-3.179119

Location: Edinburgh / GPS/Map: 55.947002,-3.189007

Location: Prestonpans / GPS/Map: 55.960282,-2.952203