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About This Site 

and about the why of this site

Some twenty years ago I set out to translate my enthusiasm for Scotland, its history and natural beauty into a book.

Many years and several editions later this labour of love finally resulted in a 300-page guide that ended up on a bookshelf (and nowhere else!) gathering dust. Very anticlimatic and it made me quite restless!

Last year I finally got myself into gear and started out afresh. This time, keeping up with the times, it would be a "virtual" journey.

There are so many websites these days dedicated to Scotland and all its historic treasures. Why then yet another site? Could I come up with a new approach? A novel way of presenting Scotland on the www?

The answer, I realized, had been there all the time; I had just not seen it: What drives me? What fuels this, I freely admit, almost obsessive fascination with a country not even my own?

The answer was not long in coming: I just love long-distance walking (just me and myself!) and I definitely have 'a thing' with ruined time-worn buildings and with ancient and medieval history in general.

Add Scotland’s spectacular beauty, its proximity to 'the continent', my somewhat romantic (read: "flawed") views on the past....and the rough outline of my ‘site-to-be’ slowly starts to come to the fore.

Consequently, this will be by no means a comprehensive listing of all the different attractions in Scotland. The site will reflect what tickles me!

The scant ruins of Fast Castle *** just north of Coldingham are the perfect example. These ruins are infinitely more intriguing to me than the grandeur and splendour of castles like Inveraray or Dunrobin.

No matter how imposing these castles with the perfectly manicured lawns and parks might be, personally I absolutely prefer Fast Castle on its lonely windswept crag high above the crashing waves.

I am looking for that haunting sense of time, grand vistas, spectacular settings or simply a good story. These will be my guiding principles.

That is not to say I have not included the major well known attractions. They can be really stunning, but a set of ruins can very well be a 3-star just like Blair, Crathes or Dunrobin.  It’s just a matter of taste!


Site rating

A gem! Really a must-see! (***).

Intriguing! Worth a visit! (**).

Have a look if you are in the area (*).

Although there may not be much to see here, it could be interesting (-)


This site also will not give you a detailed description and the complete historical context. I merely intend to show you what is where, but I will certainly endeavor to tickle your budding interest (fancy). There are links (on the right hand side of most pages) to dedicated sites and don't forget the USEFUL LINKS page. I am just pointing the way.


As Dutch is my mother (father) tongue, I do apologise for any mistakes in spelling and grammar.

Anything to report? See below!


Dirk Jelier, Frederiksoord, The Netherlands, Autumn 2019


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