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This choice may well surprise a few people as Newcastleton will rarely be on anyone's 'prettiest villages' list. But, as this listing is mainly a personal selection, I can't say I'm bothered too much. Being very much a fan of the Scottish lowlands and having criss-crossed this particular area on several occasions, I always seem to 'end-up' in Newcastleton.

The village is not pretty in the classical sense. It could even, on bad days, be described as somewhat dull and dreary (sorry folks)......but there is something special about the place (in my view than!) and that could have something to do with the fact that Copshaw Holm (or Holm), the old name of Newcastleton, is a so-called planned village. It was founded in 1793 by the Duke of Buccluech following a request by the people to create a centre which would be similar to nearby settlements already established for the weaving trade. The present layout of the village (New York-style grid pattern) has seen little alteration since it was built. The remains of old Castleton can be found a few km to the north.

Douglas Square is the pleasant centre of the village with a few hotels, a well kept touch of greenery with benches, a statue and 'saltire' and a general store to boot.

Newcastleton is smack in the heart of Liddesdale, the old frontier zone, bordering the "Debeatable Land" (see: Battle site of Redeswire Fray), where many murderous raid and counter raid took place. The history of the area and the Border Reivers can be found in the ruined towers and castles (see: Hermitage Castle) and ancient monuments.

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