Lindores Abbey *

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Lindores Abbey can be found close to Newburgh about a quarter of a mile from the southern shore of the River Tay. The Abbey was founded by David, 1st Earl of Huntingdon and younger brother of both Malcolm IV and William I, as a Tironensian monastery in about 1190 and thrived for over 350 years. It was at Lindores that Sir Gilbert Hay of Errol, Sir Neil Campbell of Lochaw, and Sir Alexander Seton, vowed to “defend the King Robert Bruce and his crown to the last of their blood and fortunes.” The abbey was attacked and damaged by a Protestant mob from Dundee in 1543, but the end came in 1559 when a rabble roused by John Knox's distinctive brand of religious intolerance destroyed much of the abbey. After the Reformation it was used as a quarry for building stone for use in projects in Newburgh. Over time, the ruins became slighter and more overgrown and easier to overlook.

Lindores Abbey was probably the site of the first written reference to whisky in Scotland (1494). It has it's own distillery since 2017!