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The tranquil ruins of a priory established for the Valliscaulian monastic order in 1230 or 1231 probably by Duncan MacDougall.

In 1308, having returned to Scottish shores in a bold attempt to seize the throne, Robert the Bruce blazed a trail through Argyll until only a few fortresses were holding out against him.  One of these was nearby Dunstaffnage Castle, but Bruce laid siege to it and the occupants surrendered.

Afterwards, Bruce summoned a Council of local chiefs at Ardchattan Priory.  This is believed to have been the last Gaelic-speaking parliament in Scotland.

Six years later, in 1314, the sacred yew trees of Ardchattan supplied wood for the longbows carried by Bruce’s army as they swept to victory at the Battle of Bannockburn.

The monastic life came to an end here with the reformation of 1560.
From 1545 the priory was administered by a commendator, John Campbell, who passed it on to his son, Alexander, in 1580, and they have remained with Clan Campbell since.

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