Dunstaffnage Castle and Chapel ***

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Dunstaffnage stands in a strategic spot on the Firth of Lorn. It was built upon an immense rock and the shape of the wall was altered to accommodate the odd shape. Its formidable stone curtain still has the power to inspire awe in visitors. The actual building must have taken place before 1240, probably by Duncan MacDougall, son of Dubhgall, Lord of Lorn, and grandson of the great Somerled, the self-styled ‘Lord of the Isles’. These were stirring times in Argyll, because of the struggle between the Kingdom of Scotland and Norway for control of the Hebrides. In 1309 it was captured by Robert the Bruce. The castle was turned over to the Campbells in 1470.

Dunstaffnage Chapel, concealed amongst the trees, offers a stunning example of 13th century architecture.

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