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In the Chronicles of the Kings of Alba (10th century), Caislean Credi (the "Hill of Faith") in Scone is mentioned. It was there in 906 that King Constantine II and the Bishop Cellach met and the King swore to uphold the customs of the church.

It was the earliest reference to the Moot Hill and to a coronation carried out at the site with the involvement of a church official.

The "Stone of Scone", more commonly referred to as the "Stone of Destiny", played a central role in these ceremonies. The King was seated on the stone while receiving the oaths of loyalty from his followers. As these followers could only swear fielty when standing on their own lands, they brought earth with them (it is said in their boots). This earth was what finally created this small hill.

Probably the greatest historic event to take place at Scone was the coronation of Robert the Bruce, who declared himself King of Scots upon the Moot Hill on 25 March 1306.

Under the Stewarts (Stuarts) Stirling became the principle royal residence and power centre, but the site's role in coronation continued for a long time after. The last coronation in Scotland took place at Scone in 1651 when King Charles II was crowned King of Scots.

The remains of the Moot Hill at Scone hold a prominent place in the Scottish consciousness.

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