Ben Wyvis National Nature Reserve ***

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Stand on the summit of Ben Wyvis and you'll feel like you're on the roof of the world, with the Highlands ranged beneath your feet. The mossy cover on the Ben's summit hides many secrets, including summer nesting dotterel and the pure white of a winter-clothed ptarmigan. On the slopes of this mighty mountain, there's a unique mix of plants adapted to the harsh conditions.

The different seasons bring exciting opportunities to spot a variety of wildlife at the Ben Wyvis National Nature Reserve. As winter brings snow to the high peaks, you will be lucky to spot the ptarmigan in its winter white plumage or the mountain hare. Come summer time, flocks of dotterel stop by on their way to more northerly breeding sites, while on the lower ground, butterflies and dragonflies flit around the burns and pools. On calm days, in late October, the mountain resounds with the roaring of red deer stags rutting.

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