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Here you start on a journey through the colourful historical themes of the area with a wealth of information about past ways of life and some of the more turbulent events in Sutherland’s history. It combines local stories and folklore from the past and present with a multi-faceted collection of objects spanning thousands of years.

Timespan is comprised of a local history museum, contemporary art programme, geology and herb gardens, shop, bakery and cafe.

The virtual reality room transports you back to the township of Caen two miles north-west of Helmsdale, where everything is exactly as it was 200 years ago. Based on Ordinance Survey data, Caen virtual world is an authentic

reconstruction of the landscape with its longhouses and outbuildings both inside and out.


  • The Clearances,
  • Crofting,
  • Clans & Vikings,
  • Geology,
  • Local history

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