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Often known as "The Wallace", William Wallace is one of the most evocative, and most well recognised figures from Scottish history. His name is most certainly better known worldwide than most, if not all, of Scotland's kings.

He fought just two major battles (Stirling Bridge and Falkirk) and then resigned. Later he was betrayed, transported to London and horribly executed.

The National Wallace Monument you see today was completed in 1869 after eight years' construction. Visitors discover the life and legacy of the patriot and martyr Sir William Wallace, but not only him. Robert the Bruce and many another Scottish hero and patriot. The panoramic views from the monument's Crown are beyond belief!


  • The Hall of Arms: Info on the The Battle of Stirling Bridge.
  • The Hall of Heroes tells the story of Wallace, Robert the Bruce and also Robert Burns.
  • Busts of the Scottish heroes
  • Wallace's sword

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