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Built between 1057 and 1093 just south of present day Braemar (Cairngorms) by King Malcolm II ( Malculm Caen Mor) the castle was named Ceann-drochit meaning ‘Bridge Head’. A bridge was built across the River Clunie, the only means to cross for several miles.

King Robert III gifted the castle to Sir Malcolm Drummond, his brother-in-law. Sir Malcolm proceeded to build the family tower in 1390 making it the fifth largest in Scotland.

Before the building could be finished, Sir Malcolm was attacked and killed by an unknown band.

Alexander Stewart then stormed the castle and forced the widow, Isabella, Countess of Mar to marry him. Thus Alexander Stewart became the Earl of Mar.

In 1435, Stewart died and the Earldom was annexed by the Crown.

No solid evidence of the demise of the castle exists but legend says the castle fell into ruin following the onset of the plague. Once news spread that the inhabitants of the castle had been struck down with the disease, the castle, with the inhabitants still inside, was destroyed by cannon to prevent it from spreading and it has lain in ruins ever since.

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