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Huntingtower Castle came into being in the 15th, 16th and 17th century.

The castle was known as the “House or Place of Ruthven” as it was occupied by the 4th Lord Ruthven. It was in Huntingtower Castle that the 4th Lord Ruthven, also known as the Earl of Gowrie joined in a plot to kidnap a young king James VI and held him prisoner there. Bizarrely James escaped and actually forgave Lord Ruthven.

There was however a second attempt to overthrow him and this time the king had him executed and his property including Huntingtower Castle was given to the Crown.

in 1600, the brothers John and Alexander Ruthven were implicated in another plot to kill King James VI and were executed. The king abolished the name of Ruthven and decreed that any successors would be ineligible to hold titles or lands. The House of Ruthven ceased to exist and by royal proclamation the castle was renamed Huntingtower.

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