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Edinburgh castle has a fascinating history and was residence to many Kings and a Queen of Scots.

In AD 626 Edwin of Northumbria built a fort where Edinburgh Castle stands today. The Northumbrians were defeated in 1018 by Malcolm II of Scotland, who confirmed Edinburgh as a Scottish town.

Castle Esplanade


Built in the 12th century, sacked by Edward I in 1296, the castle was recaptured in 1313 and rebuilding was started in 1368. Every occupant modified or added to the original structure, so that today it is a rich architectural mixture of palace, fortress, barracks, chapel and war memorial. Edinburgh castle is also the home of the Scottish Crown Jewels, the oldest Royal Regalia in Britain. With many sights to see, from the giant siege gun Mons Meg to the room where Mary, Queen of Scots gave birth to James VI and I, the first ruler of both Scotland and England. In short: A must!

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