Callanish Standing Stones / Isle of Lewis ***

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The Callanish Stones site is in the care of Historic Scotland. It is one of the most complete stone circles in Europe. They’re older than Stonehenge but, unlike the world-famous megalithic construction, the Callanish Stones are accessible to the public. Those who are drawn to their ancient mysteries can freely wander among the stones and even touch the towering monoliths. Outlander fans may be particularly interested in laying their hands upon the stones—according to the series’ fandom, the TV version of the books used the Callanish Stones as inspiration for the fictional Craigh na Dun.

Visiting the stones is an enchanting experience regardless of the season. In the summer, they stand stoically beneath a sun that just barely sets and in the darker months the Northern Lights illuminate the night sky above them in a blaze of purple, green, and red hues.

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