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The Western Isles (Outer Hebrides)

North Uist


Fàilte gu Na H-Eileanan An Iar

Welcome to the Outer Hebrides!

There are very few places on earth more soothingly beautiful than these Western Isles. The beaches are more than amazing, the landscape almost surreal and there is a sense of remoteness as if you're very, very close to the world's edge. Early Christian stone carvings and crosses can be found on many of the islands, but Dun Carloway Broch is two thousand years old, and Callanish Standing Stones even older.

The few castles are remnants of the power of the Lords of the Isles, who ruled the Hebrides and parts of the mainland in the 14th and 15th centuries.

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My very personal selection:

Location: Arnol / Isle of Lewis

GPS/Map: 58.349195,-6.598046

Location: Eoropie / Isle of Lewis

GPS/Map: 58.515434,-6.262288

Location: Garrynahine / Isle of Lewis

GPS/Map: 58.197839,-6.745926

Location: Carloway / Isle of Lewis

GPS/Map: 58.269370,-6.793747

Location: Gearrannan / Isle of Lewis

GPS/Map: 58.296697,-6.793554

Location: Huisinis / Isle of Harris

GPS/Map: 57.995048,-7.093826

Location: Castlebay / Isle of Barra

GPS/Map: 56.952164,-7.486774

Location: Seilebost / Isle of Harris

GPS/Map: 57.892203,-6.952114

Location: Meavaig / Isle of Harris

GPS/Map: 57.974711,-6.906711

Location: Hirta Harbour / Isle of Hirta

GPS/Map: 57.810929,-8.566038

Location: Eoropie / Isle of Lewis

GPS/Map: 58.503814,-6.260190

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