Battle site of Maol Ruadh (1688) -

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The Battle of Mulroy (known as the last clan battle) was fought between the MacDonalds of Keppoch, along with allies including Camerons and Macmartins, against the army of Lachlan Mackintosh, with support from his Clan Chattan allies and several hundred Government infantry. The two forces met on the slope of Maol Ruadh. The MacDonalds and their allies, who had gained the high ground, executed a classic Highland charge down the slope towards the Mackintoshes. They fired one volley and charged forward to meet their foes with drawn swords and Lochaber axes. Fighting reportedly lasted an hour and resulted in many casualties, including Mackenzie and several leading members of Clan Chattan before the Mackintoshes were routed. Although Lachlan himself was captured, he was released soon afterwards when soldiers moved to attempt his rescue. Over the coming months the MacDonalds would face a campaign of brutal reprisal.

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