Battle site of Inverlochy (1645) -

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The Marquise of Montrose and his Royalist army had forded the river Spean near Corriechoille and traversed a secret way via the old townships of Kilchonate and Leanachan. They were at the foot of Ben Nevis' "shoulder" of Meall an t-Suidhe before dark. They observed the tower of the ancient castle of Inverlochy and the many Covenanters moving around the camp. Montrose and his army laid out all night in freezing temperatures and at the break of dawn the "stupefied" Campbells, including their chief Argyll, were awakened by the pipes of Montrose's assembled clans charging down upon them.

Even though they were outnumbered by approximately 1,000 troops and were facing some cannon fire, the army of Montrose broke the Lowlanders on the wings, forcing them to flee.

The Campbells in the center of the line held firm, but soon were cut into groups and eventually fled.

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