Battle site of Inverlochy (1431) -

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The battle is significant as part of the major struggles between the Scottish monarchy and the Lords of the Isles in the 15th century. The Lords of the Isles held enormous influence and authority in the western Highlands and the Western Isles, which caused problems for a number of Scottish Kings. The Battle of Inverlochy was the culmination of six years of effort by King James I to bring the Highlands fully under his control.

This is one of several battles fought by James I in his attempts to reduce the extensive power of Alexander of Islay, Lord of the Isles. In September 1431, Donald Balloch, younger cousin of Alexander, sailed up Loch Linnhe and landed at Inverlochy, where the King's forces were stationed. Balloch attacked the Royal forces from the south, while Alasdair Carrach of Tor Castle launched a simultaneous attack from the north. Alexander's forces inflicted one of the most serious defeats ever suffered by a Royal army in the Highlands. After he lost this battle, James I was forced to make use of Alexander's power as Lord of the Isles to control the region, rather than continue to attempt to break the lordship's hold on the region.