Battle site of Glenfruin (1603) ***

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A bloody affair between Clan MacGregor and their enemies the Colquhouns and Buchanan's.

The Colquhouns, whom numbered a reported three hundred mounted men and five hundred foot were soundly defeated by the MacGregor contingent of 300 men.  Later, it was recorded that 140 Colquhoun men were killed that day in Glen Fruin.

Soon afterwards the MacGregors found themselves an outlawed clan. This battle so enraged James VI that less than two months later, on April 3, 1603 an Act of the Privy Council proscribed the use of the names Gregor or MacGregor, and prohibited those who had borne the names from carrying arms.  Within ten years of Glen Fruin most of them were either dead, run off their lands or in Government hands.

A memorial stone stands on a small rise to the right of the road.

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