Battle site of Fyvie (1644) *

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In October 1644 a major engagement, the Battle of Fyvie, took place on the grounds to the east of the castle, where still the trenches are visible. James Graham, Marquis of Montrose was caught in a several days (and in the end inconclusive) battle with Covenanter troops, commanded by Archibald Campbell, the Marquis of Argyll. Although Fyvie is not considered one of the major battles of Montrose’s campaign the fighting around this position went on for over 36 hours! There was no formal deployment and the fighting was intense and prolonged. It is extremely difficult to assess casualties as none of the primary sources give us any definite clue. However, we are aware of casualties among the highlanders in the initial assault and these were higher than Montrose had suffered at both Tippermuir and Aberdeen.

Although Montrose had escaped to fight another day, Argyll’s tactics had been sound and he had prosecuted the battle with unaccustomed vigour.

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