Battle site of Dupplin Moor (1332) *

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On the 11th of August in 1332, this was the site of a battle between the forces of the Earl of Mar and Edward Balliol.

At issue was the succession of the Scottish crown, which had passed to the infant son of the lately deceased Robert the Bruce. The Earl of Mar was the regent for the young king, but Balliol saw an opening and sailed for Scotland (from France) with an expeditionary force comprising largely English troops and some mercenaries. 

Balliol and his English allies won the battle, in part because the Earl of Mar was so confident of victory that he got drunk the night before the battle and even refrained from putting sentries around his camp. The Balliol side only lost 33 men, amidst casualties reported to be several thousand on the other side. The Battle of Dupplin Moor was notable for its change in military tactics. Dupplin was the battle which first demonstrated the legendary battle winning power of the English longbow.

Although he won at Dupplin Moor, Edward Balliol couldn’t really make his claim to the Scottish throne stick. He was crowned in September 1332 but endured several revolts and could only stay afloat with English help. In 1336 he gave up and retired.

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