Battle site of Barra (1308) *

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At Barra, outside Inverurie, King Robert I (the Bruce) engaged an army led by John Comyn and the battle quickly turned into a rout, with much of Comyn’s army captured or slaughtered as they ran.

The Battle of Barra (sometimes called the "battle of Inverurie") in 1308 marks the end of any coordinated opposition within Scotland. With the destruction of the Comyn's power base and the subsequent ravaging of their lands in Buchan, the Comyns were no longer able to resist the King. Now Bruce was able to turn his full attention to English garrisons, embarking upon his “scorched earth” campaign against their castles and leading to the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. With the English distracted by events at home, Bruce turned to securing Scotland under his rule.