Pennygown Chapel / Isle of Mull *

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This ruined Chapel can be found 3 km south of Salen on the road to Craignure. It stands on the seaward side of the road in the old burial ground, which is still used. It is attributed to the late 12th/early 13th century.

There are two carved graves. These graves are of Lachlan Cattanach, former chief of Clan Maclean and his wife. They were not allowed to be buried in the chapel’s grounds due to their habit of burning live cats to summon the devil. A Celtic cross without a head stands within the Chapel’s walls and is carved on one side with a crucifix, vegetation, a griffin and a highland galley and on the other the Virgin and Child. It is believed that fairies used to live here, and that they would use their magic powers to undertake small magical tasks for people who left requests here.

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