Urquhart Castle ***

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Dominating a rocky promontory on the iconic Loch Ness, the castle takes in the whole of the Loch and the surrounding countryside. Situated just south of Inverness, it also makes a prime spot on the route to the Highlands.

In 1296 the castle was besieged by the English and captured by Edward I, thus marking the beginning of the Wars for Scottish Independence, which would go on continuously until the year 1537. It seems that over 200 years there were many Urquhart Castle battles between the English and the Scottish armies, both who would intermittently claim the castle over this long period of time.

In 1298 Urquhart Castle would once again be in the possession of the Scottish, but in 1303 the castle was again in the hands of the English after succumbing to an attack on the castle. Thanks to Robert the Bruce in 1306 the castle was yet again in control of the Scots after defeating the Comyn family – it was around this time that Urquhart Castle (once again – depending on your what you believe from different history books) became a royal castle.

In 1509 the Grant clan was ‘granted’ the castle and despite numerous raids of the building the castle was strengthened over time, but unfortunately, this did not last long and the castle was abandoned during the 17th century.

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