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Rait Castle is a ruined hall-house castle dating from the 13th century, situated just south of Nairn near Inverness. The castle was originally a property of the Cumming (Comyn) family who were also known by the name of de Rait.[1] Sir Alexander Rait killed the third Thane of Cawdor (chief of Clan Calder), and then fled south where he married the heiress of Hallgreen. The castle later passed from the Clan Cumming (Comyn) to the Clan Mackintosh and then to the Clan Campbell of Cawdor. In 1442, when the castle passed to the Mackintoshes from the Clan Cumming (Clan Comyn) a feast was held at the castle between the two families which ended in the slaughter of most of the Comyns. The laird blamed his daughter who he chased around the castle. She climbed out of a window but he chopped off her hands and she fell to her death. The castle is said to be haunted by her ghost, with no hands.