Innis Chonnel Castle *

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Innis Chonnel was one of the earliest Campbell strongholds, certainly from as early as 1308 until the present day.

The massive walls crown the rocky south western end of a small island half way down the eastern shore of Lochawe. The island and the adjacent shore are now heavily wooded, as they would not have been in the time when the castle was occupied. The trees screen the view of the island from the road and also screen the view of the castle down the loch from the north. The island runs northeast to southwest and is less than an hundred yards from shore.

Innis Chonnel has always intruiged me. Not only because it is almost invisible from the road, but also because it is forbidden territory except for the Campbell family. I still like to have it here on the site, though I can't give it more than a single *.

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