Hailes Castle ***

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Hailes Castle and the River Tyne near East Linton cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Colin Park - geograph.org.uk/p/6463314


Hailes Castle was built in the 1290s and given to Adam Hepburn after he rescued the Earl of Dunbar from an attack by horses (?). In 1443 the castle was captured by Archibald Dunbar and all the men in the castle were killed.

Hailes was burnt in 1532, but in 1547 it was occupied by Lord Gray of Wilton for the English.

Hailes is one of the few Scottish castles that still displays 13th century stonework which can be seen in the lower part of the tower in the north range.

A bonus? If you want a good climb and the certainty that the effort isworth it: there is a high whale-backed hill close to Hailes Castle. It is Traprain Law with an Iron Age fortified fort on top of it!

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