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Ferniehirst Castle, dating from the late 15th century, stands above the east bank of the Jed Water and is the seat of the Lothian branch of the Kerr family and was built in 1476 on the remains of an earlier foundation.

Sacked by the English in 1523, it was recaptured with French help in 1549. The leader of the English garrison was beheaded.

Sir Thomas Kerr, protector of Mary, Queen of Scots invaded England in 1570, hoping to have her released, but all that resulted was a raid on Scotland, during which Ferniehirst was damaged.

James VI destroyed the castle in 1593 because of help given by the family to the Earl of Bothwell.

Sir Andrew Kerr in 1598 had the castle rebuilt and it was occupied for two hundred years before falling into decay.

Everything has been thoroughly restored and it is a private residence offering accommodation.

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