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Castle Stalker paints a beautiful picture, set on a small islet with the beauty of Argyll surrounding the loch. It is believed that the castle, much in its present form, was built by Sir John Stewart around 1450.

After the defeat at the battle of Dunkeld the Castle was forfeited to the Campbells. The Stewarts  however refused to hand it over. It was then besieged by the Campbells for several months until the defenders were granted an honourable surrender in 1690. In 1745 Stalker was held by the Campbells with a garrison of about 59 Government troops. Although the Stewarts of Appin were solidly behind Prince Charles, and raised a regiment of 300, the castle was too strong for them to take and their 2lb cannon-balls merely bounced off the walls. After the Battle of Culloden in 1746 Stalker was used by Government forces as a local centre where the Clansmen had to surrender their arms.

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