Dun Beag Broch / Isle of Skye **

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This is the most accessible broch on the Isle of Skye. The broch's history probably dates from a few hundred years B.C., but it was reoccupied in mediaeval times.

The broch has massive walls, still mostly intact, to more than 6-1/2 feet high. Inside the broch are a gallery, an entranceway, a stairway, and a security cell. The interior of the broch is about 36 feet in diameter, within stone walls that are some 14 feet thick on average. When originally built Dun Beag would have been 30 feet or more taller than it is today. The residents would have lived at first floor level and above, while the ground floor would have been used for keeping livestock. The whole structure would have been roofed over with wood and thatch and there may have been a defensive rampart around the top.

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