Battle site of Spottismuir (1296) -

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On the 30th of March 1296 Edward I overran Berwick-upon-Tweed in a day, brushing aside the towns defences with ease. (Berwick was a major port and one of Scotlands largest towns with a wealthy and established merchant class grown rich on trade.) The English army systematically sacked the town and thousands of its merchants and citizens were slaughtered. To prevent further death Sir William Douglas surrendered Berwick castle.

On the 23rd of April Edward despatched John de Warenne with a mounted contingent to secure Dunbar Castle. Near the castle at Spottismuir, de Warenne was confronted by King John’s army. During the crossing of the Spott Burn the Scots for a few minutes lost sight of their opponent and assumed the English were about to flee. They hastily charged and were confronted by the soaking wet, but perfectly re-ordered English ranks. De Warenne army drove the Scots back killing hundreds of foot soldiers.

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